T-Shirt Humour: Bomb Technician

A new generation of fashion was born, when the first people decided to put slogans on their t-shirts. At the start you only saw names, and now it is getting more and more absurb. We could call it t-shirt humour and at least me, i just love it.

This shirt says “I AM A BOMB TECHNICIAN IF YOU SEE ME RUNNING TRY TO KEEP UP”. I would wear it while doing sports icon smile T Shirt Humour: Bomb Technician Still it lets you wonder, what does it say up front?

bomb technician t shirt T Shirt Humour: Bomb Technician

T-Shirt humour: I am a bomb technician if you see me running try to keep up

Again many different versions exist, exchanging single words or the placement of the typo.

As i won’t link to shops if i cant figure out the original, you can always google it if you are interested.

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